About The Diva


The Car Diva will take you on an unforgettable ride. You’ll get a kick out of her witty and real-life reviews of the hottest and sexiest vehicles and lifestyle must-haves to hit the marketplace; all with her unique and fabulous sense of humor.  Not only will The Car Diva tell you what’s the best vehicle to drive and how it handled; she’ll accessorize it too!

The Car Diva is not just about the fly rides, she also understands that there are a lot of people in front of and behind the scenes that contribute to the creating, designing and marketing of these incredible vehicles. This site takes you deeper into the automotive industry and shatters the myth that executives are a bunch of stuffy white collars.

Keeping you informed is the What’s Poppin’ section. What’s Poppin’ has the latest news, profiles on the movers and shakers in automobile-related industries, as wells as developments in the automotive and entertainment worlds.

Road Ready is a fun feature to accessorize or “diva-ize” the driving experience. Everything from the coolest shades, purses, and driving shoes, Road Ready will highlight lifestyle products to give you the optimum driving experience. 

Diva Sounds serves as a soundtrack for your driving experience. Music from Major and Independent artists will be spotlighted to add a little (as Maxwell would say) Sumthin’ Sumthin’ to the automobile enthusiast lifestyle.

Diva Destinations features insights from events that The Car Diva attends. Inside the velvet rope at exclusive soirees, movie premieres or video game launch parties; The Car Diva will give you VIP access.

Whether it’s hittin’ the road with the latest luxury sedan, chatting up a forward-thinking auto executive or putting a newly designed muscle car through the paces…with her scarf blowing in the wind, The Car Diva has you covered!

The Car DivaThe Car Diva is a native of Detroit, Michigan and a graduate of Howard University. With more than 15-years experience as an executive in the entertainment industry, The Car Diva has worked in Radio, Music, TV, Film, Magazine, and Web