Oneita Jackson: Reppin’ The “D” One T-Shirt At A Time

On a recent trip back home to the Motor City I was filled with pride over the positive things happening in my beloved hometown. Many media outlets only choose to spotlight the negative aspects of city, I choose to celebrate Detroit as one of the most amazing and culturally diverse cities in the world. While we still have aways to go before we regain our previous glory, a rebirth is definitely on the horizon.

Oneita Jackson, Creater of the "Detroiter from Detroit" t-shirt line.

Oneita Jackson, Creator of the “Detroiter from Detroit” t-shirt line.

Known for its automotive and musical legacy, Detroit is also filled with some of the most loyal, supportive and creative residents. One such resident is entrepreneur and fashionista Oneita Jackson. This fiery Howard University alum and former columnist for the Detroit Free Press is the brainchild behind the super cool Detroiters from Detroit t-shirt line. Detroit is represented well with these “so-so soft” tees. The innovative “check yourself” design is a movement in the making that allows you to rep the “D” in style. “Whether you’re from the city, the ‘burbs, or somewhere else, we’re all Detroiters,” proclaims Oneita.


The Car Diva will be road ready while reppin’ the “D”!

What up doe!!!!

For more info and to order you “Detroiter from Detroit” t-shirts click here.

A rainbow of choices

A rainbow of choices


Written by The Car Diva