Jaheim’s Appreciation Day…Grown Folks Kind of Music!

JaheimSmoother-than-smooth crooner Jaheim is back again with another sensational offering, Appreciation Day. Filled with subtle and no-so-subtle enticing references to the fairer sex, Jahiem has a lot of ear candy for his legions of fans. The Atlantic-signed artist is definitely tapping into his grown-man with gems like “Age Ain’t A Factor,” the funky “Sexting,” and the-dose-of-the-real-world  “He Don’t Exist.” Fourteen tracks deep, Appreciation Day is the perfect soundtrack for weekend road trip.

Check out one of my favorites, “He Don’t Exist.”

“I may not be perfect/but I can love you perfectly/You know what you want/But you don’t know what you need…

Don’t mean to alarm ya!/No prince coming to charm ya/and the perfect man your waiting for/He don’t exist”


Written by The Car Diva