Foreign Exchange…Pure Musicianship!

foreign-exchangeOn a daily basis music lovers across the globe often debate ‘where is the real music?’ in wake of the current cookie-cutter pop music overload. Shattering the box and bringing it back to the basics with real musicianship and lyrical perfection is indie powerhouse duo, Foreign Exchange. Members Phonte and Nicolay‘s sound breaks international and cultural barriers with their knack for blending R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Electronica.

f_exchangeTheir latest video, “Better” featuring Eric Roberson and Shana Tucker is a stripped down and powerful declaration of a love gone awry mirrored against a ‘better’ love. The perfect storm of Phonte’s vocals, Nicolay’s tickling the ivories and Eric and Shana’s backing vocals, ‘Better,’ settles the debate of ‘where the real music is’…and its right here on this track.

So whether you are rolling in a ‘big body’ or a ‘sexy coupe’, Foreign Exchange’s “Better” is the best choice!

Do yourself a favor and check out the video below and get their latest CD Love In Flying Colors on iTunes!




Written by The Car Diva