A Faster Horse…In Deed!

2015 MustangIt’s always a pleasure when I stumble upon a cool post or a friend’s shared link that leads me to a hidden gem. Released in 2015,  A Faster Horse is one of the most in depth documentaries on the history and redesign of the beloved All-American muscle car, The Ford Mustang.


Dave Pericak


Stock with rare footage and exclusive access to the hallowed halls of the top-secret design and engineering offices at Ford Motor Company, this is the golden ticket for any Mustang enthusiast.

Led by Dave Pericak, Director, Global Ford Performance, provides an unprecedented peak inside the grueling, but rewarding journey to launch the All-New Sixth-Generation Mustang. “My job is to blow through the roadblocks and pave the ground and then say ‘drive baby’ and then they do it. “Mustang always had my attention from the first time I laid my eyes on one,” added Pericak.

Directed by David Gelb (Lazarus Effect) and produced by White Horse Pictures, A Faster Horse is the must-see for any car enthusiast.



A Faster Horse is currently streaming on Netflix.

Written by The Car Diva