2015 Subaru WRX Limited…Man Magnet!


2015 Subaru WRX Limited

By no means was it my intention to be labeled a “cougar” when I started the 2.0-liter twin scroll turbocharged DI BOXER® four-cylinder engine of the 2015 WRX Limited. With rev of the engine it would seem that I had every mid-twenty to mid-thirty male’s undivided attention in a 10-mile radius.  Akin to the famous line from Field of Dreams, ‘if you drive it, they will come,’ and boy did they!  Now don’t get me wrong; while I do get my flirt on and my sexy game is on deck, I know this “extra” love is coming from the WRX…I’m just saying…lol!

2015-Subaru-WRX-engineThe chiseled profile and powerful engine rev via the new exhaust that eliminated one muffler chamber garnered more than a fair share of side-eye glances, approving head nods, and envious looks.  Yes!  I had to flex at every standstill. The newly designed WRX (off-spring of the Impreza sedan) is a high-performance sedan with a lot of attitude. Exciting features like the new, enhanced stiffer chassis, Active Torque Vectoring, Electric Power Assisted Steering and Sport Lineartronic automatic transmission add to the rally-inspired sedan. At first thought one wouldn’t think that “rally” and “sedan” would be found in the same sentence, let alone the same car; but it works with the WRX.  Kicking out 268 ponies with 258 lb-ft of torque unleashed with new all wheel drive, the power, control and handling far exceeded my expectations of the “rally-inspired” sedan. Sticking corners was the norm! The neck-snapping acceleration and subsequent power thrust in higher gears proved to be an adrenaline boosting experience. The front grille and lower vents provide airflow for optimum performance. The hood scoop, brushed aluminum wheels and monochromatic exterior paint job gave the just the right amount of sporty style. With all that power, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think gas mileage would be the sacrificial lamb, but it’s not. A 17/23 combined rating is more than respectable for a sedan with this much power. Kudos to Subaru for not making us “pay” at the pump.

Safety was also key in the design of the all-new WRX. Driver’s knee airbag with six additional airbags, traction and stability control (a standard in the WRX) and antilock brakes and adjustable headrests keep the driver and passengers safe.

wrx_int_panelStyle wasn’t placed at the alter to please the auto gods either. The interior is just as sexy as the interior.  The inner cabin of the WRX has all the bells and whistles that any car enthusiast (on a budget) could ask for. The sport-designed instrument panels, 3-spoke bottomed leather-wrapped tilt and telescopic steering wheel. Telescopic steering wheels are a Car Diva’s lifesaver. Its no secret that the Lord gave me extra beauty and brains instead of height, so ANY feature that offers a great alternative to driving like my forehead will hit the windshield because of my height is a blessing.

Other impressive design cues include WRX exclusive carbon fiber-like interior trim, driver-friendly 3.5-inch LCD central screen and 4.3 driver-configurable multi-information display perched on top of the dashboard, HD Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, iPod connectivity, SiriusXM, Navigation, voice controls and one of my FAVORITE sound systems, harmon/kardon.

For a sticker price of $31,990, you can peel out on a budget and still look fly in the process!

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Written by The Car Diva