2014 Mercedes Benz E350 4MATIC Coupe: Simply Beautiful

12C1284_119I have always had a great affinity for coupes primarily for their intimate driving experience and the Mercedes-Benz E350 does not disappoint. From the onset, the E350 Coupe greets you with an electric energy. The bold 3-point star emblem encased in the grille signifies the commitment to tradition as well as innovation. Fluid lines that cascade and pour from the front to rear fascias create an engineering work of art. Chrome accents sprinkled around the exterior like jewels on a starlet, the E350 Coupe screams of class and sophistication.

Works of art have a way of evoking instant emotions that take you to different places. Just marveling at the sheer beauty of the E350, sexy chords began to float around and soundtracks began to form. Music is so much a part of my life that when I review a new vehicle one of the first things I think about is what will be wafting through the inner cabin. Al Green’s “Simply Beautiful” immediately came to mind. The sultry imagery of the E350 fit in perfectly with the sexy tones of Al Green’s buttery smooth delivery. Even its namesake, Mercedes (a Spanish girls name meaning grace), exudes the type elegance that grabs attention.

12C1284_145As soon as the 3.5-liter engine was engaged, the power of this sexy creature became more than evident. Producing 302 horsepower and thrusting with 273 lb-ft of torque, the E350 is a champ out the gate.  The 7-speed Automatic Transmission coupled with the 4MATIC Permanent All-Wheel Drive gave an exhilarating driving experience. Whipping around corners and letting it go in the straight aways was fluid and easy.  While the engine is powerful, it’s also eco-friendly.  The ECO Start/Stop feature is gas-saving with a 23-MPG rating, especially in LA’s notorious stop and go traffic.

12C1228_20My favorite part of driving this coupe, (outside of the winks and head nods), was the inner cabin experience. The butter soft leather trimmed seats and exotic wood grain accents offered up a very refined adventure. Fitted with the Premium 1, Lighting, Sport and Driving Assistance Packages, the E350 is filled to the brim with luxurious accouterments.

The Premium package brings the COMMAND® System with Navigation, MB Apps, Voice Control, Power Rear-View Window Sunshade and Rearview Camera and the ultra sexy harman/kardon LOGIC7® Surround Sound System. Everybody from the aforementioned Al Green to Snarky Puppy was blasting through the multiple speakers. Pitch perfect and crystal clarity, the soundtrack was always on point.

The Lighting and Driver Assistance Packages not only was stylish it kicked up the safety factor another notch.  The Full-LED Headlamps and Running lights are sexy and bring about a sophisticated and futuristic persona while illuminating the oncoming road.  DISCTRONIC PLUS ® with PRE-SAFE® Brake and Steering Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Land Keeping and PRE-SAFE® PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist with Pedestrian Recognition round out the commitment to safety with Mercedes-Benz and this E350 4MATIC Coupe.

Long been a status symbol of luxury, refinement, style and just the right amount of flare. Mercedes-Benz continues that legacy with the E350 4MATIC Coupe.

MSRP $65,875 For more info visit click here.

Written by The Car Diva